The Creation of Studio

Founded in 2015, Studio is a unique and innovative division of the OFGO group with a dedicated focus on providing best of breed product solutions to the contract, architectural and design communities.

This division embraces OFGO’s long history of developing and serving the market place in creating high performance workplace environments that have fulfilled the changing needs of the marketplace since 1980.

The studio will follow the same philosophies as OFGO bringing new innovative ideas, products and services to the North American market place with a distinct focus on the integration of design flare and functionality.

As part of our commitment to health and wellness, as well as quality, environmental friendliness, reliability, and product efficiency, OFGO Studio is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our Values

We value our customers. We are responsible to the consumers who use our products. It is our constant endeavour to deliver top quality products; pursuing business excellence is the base of everything we do. We are committed to listening closely to the needs of our customers and striving to continuously exceed expectations.

We value our employees. An organization is only as effective as its people. Therefore, employee development is an essential element of company growth. As an organization, we believe in the ability of our people and stand behind them in achieving their greatest potential.

We value integrity. We believe in developing integrity in the deepest layers of our organization and not just at its surface. We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, dealers, and suppliers as a foundation for growth.

We value continuous learning. We believe in growth through experience. A constant evolution in the way we think and act brings about new knowledge and skills, allowing us to develop improved processes, create advanced designs, and reduce our environmental impact.

We value our world. We work to cultivate the world we live in through investing in our people and the pursuit of sustainable development. Focusing our value chain on the challenges of sustainable development has allowed us to find improved ways to minimize negative impacts on our environment.

Environmental Advocacy

Everything we do can make a difference.

Our innovation and design initiatives not only entail improving the quality, style, and flexibility of our offerings but also focus on reducing our environmental footprint. By choosing lower impact materials and creating waste reduction programs, we are working towards a sustainable presence in our environment. Our areas of environmental concentration include: Energy Efficiency & Climate Awareness, Workplace Air Quality, Recycled Content & End of Life Recyclability, Sustainable Distribution, and Environmental Stewardship.

Smart meters have been adopted in all our offices, manufacturing plants, and warehouses for internal monitoring of the energy usage.

We use energy efficient lighting, saving electricity and reducing the CO2 and sulphur emitted from power generation.

Various OFGO products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM, meeting LEED low emission requirements.

OFGO uses products and processes that reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. Adhesives used in the upholstery process are water based or non-solvent to reduce product offgassing.

Our electrostatic powder coating process is virtually VOC free and produces minimal waste.

Scrap wood, wooden pallets, steel, paper, foam, leather, fabric, plastic, aluminum, and other products used at OFGO are recycled.

All cardboard shipping cartons used by OFGO have the highest possible recycled fiber content.

Many OFGO products meet LEED recycled content requirements.

Our shipping palettes are 100% recyclable and are reused for packaging and distribution in our warehouses. All of our packaging materials sent to final destinations are 85% recyclable.

We do not utilize harmful packaging agents, such as dimethyl fumarate, when packaging and shipping our products.

Our sampling department utilizes minimum sizing for our samples and precision accuracy when cutting to eliminate waste.

All specification sheets and binder information are accessible via our website and as an environmentally friendly alternative to the physical versions.

For outbound transportation, OFGO uses data-driven technology systems to schedule deliveries in a way that reduces both mileage and the total number of truckloads.

OFGO provides the option of electronic invoicing to minimize paper consumption.

We have an active corporate recycling program in our offices, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

Our marketing and industry updates are paperless; they are sent as e-mail blasts as opposed to paper mail.

Our procurement process favors environmentally friendly suppliers.

Healthier People, Healthier Planet

People spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, where they may be exposed to thousands of airborne pollutants. At OFGO, we work to prevent indoor air pollutants at their source.

Various OFGO products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. GREENGUARD Certified products are tested and screened for more than 10,000 individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are required to meet stringent health-based emissions levels for over 350 VOCs.

Find GREENGUARD Certified products

GREENGUARD Certification is broadly recognized and accepted by sustainable building programs and building codes worldwide. Additionally, the use of GREENGUARD certified furniture can help design teams earn points in green building rating systems, satisfy code or ordinance criteria, and meet the indoor air quality specific RFP requirements of nearly 200 programs, including:

  1. LEED for Commercial Interiors / LEED Canada for Commercial Interiors (IEQ Credit 4.5: Low-Emitting Material—Systems Furniture and Seating)
  2. LEED for New Construction/LEED for Core and Shell/LEED for Existing Buildings (ID Credit: Low-Emitting Material—Systems Furniture and Seating)
  3. LEED for Healthcare (MR Credit 5, Option 2: Furniture and Medical Furnishings)
  4. Green Guide for Healthcare 2.2 (EP Credit 3.6: Furniture and EQ Credit 4.5: Furniture)
  5. LEED for Retail: Commercial Interiors / LEED for Retail: New Construction (IEQ Credit 4: Option E: Furniture)
  6. LEED for Schools (IEQ Credit 4.5: Option 1: Furniture and Furnishings )
  7. ASHRAE 189.1 ( Office Furniture Systems and Seating)
  8. ASHRAE 189.1 (8.5.2 g: Office Furniture Systems and Seating)
  9. Collaborative for High Performance Schools (2.2.5: Furniture)

The GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification ProgramSM gives assurance that products designed for use in office environments and other indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors.

Learn More about the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification ProgramSM

For products intended for use in schools, daycares or other environments where children spend significant periods of time, the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification ProgramSM offers stricter certification criteria. It is referenced by both The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System.

Learn More about the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification ProgramSM

OFGO is committed to meeting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. LEED is a certification system designed to promote sustainable building and development practices.

LEED’s approach to sustainability recognizes performance in six key areas of human and environmental health:

  1. Sustainable Site Development
  2. Water Efficiency
  3. Energy & Atmosphere Efficiency
  4. Materials & Resource Selection
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality
  6. Innovation in Design & Operations

OFGO helps developers seeking LEED certification to identify products and programs that can fulfill LEED point criteria.

Learn more about the USGBC – LEED program.

LEED Contribution Downloads:

LEED for Commercial Interiors – Desking

LEED for Existing Buildngs – Desking

LEED for New Construction – Desking

LEED for Commercial Interiors – Seating

A central part of our environmental strategy is designing our products to minimize their environmental impact. This is accomplished by using sustainable methods and materials from the start of the manufacturing process.

Designing for the environment involves 5 key areas:

  1. Raw materials composition
  2. Waste reduction
  3. Product disassembly
  4. Product reusability & recyclability
  5. Product certifications

Raw Materials Composition
By purchasing certified environmentally preferred raw materials, we can ensure that the components going into the manufacturing of our products do not generate unnecessary harmful impacts on our environment.

Waste Reduction
OFGO has a stringent waste reduction program in place for our manufacturing process.

View OFGO’s waste reduction program

Product Disassembly
OFGO products are not only designed for ease of assembly but also for ease of disassembly. The ability to disassemble our products is integral to our customers’ ability to reuse and recycle.

Product Reusability & Recyclability
OFGO offers reusable product solutions with its modular furniture offerings. OFGO is committed to creating products that maximize recyclability.

Product Certifications
OFGO’s design process emphasizes utilizing components and implementing procedures that allow us to obtain environmental certifications.